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News - New book on energy policies
News - New book on energy policies

BRUSSELS NUCLEAR LAW ASSOCIATION conference : discussions around European Energy Policy with JP Poncelet

Mr. Jean-Pol Poncelet will present his new book “L’Europe à tous vents. Chronique d’une ambition énergétique manquée” during the BNLA conference.

The Brussels Nuclear Law Association (BNLA) will organize a conference on the occasion of its General Assembly, on Wednesday June 21th 2017 at 06.45 p.m. (Place: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Bastion Tower, Place du Champ de Mars 5  – 1050 Brussels).

During the conference,  Mr. Jean-Pol Poncelet, will present his reflections on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Euratom Treaty and will present his recently published book on European Energy Policy: “L’Europe à tous vents. Chronique d’une ambition énergétique manquée”.

The conference will be followed by a discussion and a reception.

“The founders of Europe shared a dream : peace and a grand ambition : to construct a political union.  They started with energy : coal and steel would be the foundations of French-German reconciliation and the drivers of new development. They added the atom, the greatest discovery of their time.

For thirty years, it was a success. For the first time in history, Europe lived free of war. It became a market, then a community of destiny, in the absence of the political union that was dreamed of. It even became a currency.

But the European construction stumbled on energetic challenges. The successive oil shocks, the tribulations of nuclear energy and climate threats got the upper hand over the solidarity that was dreamed of.

A Europe divided on energy issues ensures dependency, fragility, weakness. It guarantees a return to the past and geopolitical insignificance.

How did we get to that ? Can we recreate the sense of greatness, of progress ? How can we agree on a new shared ambition ?

What is the future of the Euratom Treaty ?”

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